Global Trading

International trade provides consumers from different countries the opportunity to be exposed to goods and services beyond their home countries. At Basar Global, we study the dynamics of world economies affecting price, supply and demand; and use our expertise to discern in reaching out to our consumers across the world.

Customized Trading

We thrive on flexibility in terms of price and supply volumes, providing you with a finished good that is unmatched in the market. Our strength lies in ensuring that the products delivered are tailor-made to client demands, providing the best quality at an affordable price within set targets and timelines.

Private Labelling

For export purposes, we provide a range of services wherein customers are supplied with a variety of products that can be privately labelled under their own brand name.


Basar Global owns a number of plantations across the country. We provide services to our customers to utilize our plantations in order to produce a variety of products or raw materials of their choice.

Processing And Manufacturing

We have state-of-the-art units that have the capacity to produce, process and manufacture high quality goods for export.

Supply Partnership

Basar Global aims at developing closer collaborations with various suppliers across the world to maintain a competitive edge in promoting joint growth through shared values. Through our supply partnerships, we are able to connect our supply sources to match demands from different markets at the same time.